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Here are some questions we get asked before people come out with our running club.

Everyone is welcome, but please read these FAQs before to be prepared. 

How Much Does it Cost?



What Do I Need To Bring?

Bring comfortable running shoes. Some trails we run are less technical and a running shoe can sometimes do the job, but having something really grippy underfoot can really enhance your  experience...especially if it is muddy. Bring Water, it's mandatory in the hottest summer months. Bring a sweater for post run, though not mandatory it can keep you comfortable after the run.


Where Do You Run?

Fredericton is rich in single track. Single tracks are paths through the woods, like hiking trails that are narrow. Think single file. We have close to a dozen trails that we frequent. Check the trailheads tab for more information on where we will go.


Where/When Do We Meet?

We meet every Tuesday at the pre-selected trailhead. Be there before 6:00pm. If it is 6:05 and we are not at the trailhead, we are already in the woods. Click on our schedule to find where we will be running each week.


Is It Harder Than Road Running?

Trail running is a great cross training activity. You can equate every kilometer you run in the woods to be approximately 1.5k on the road. You might be expending more energy by jumping over rocks and roots while running in the woods, but it is much softer on your joints than pounding the pavement.


What If It's Raining?

We absolutely hate cancelling. It is also way more fun to run in the rain. The wetter the better. The only reason we will cancel a trail run is if it is dangerous. If there is thunder and lightning we will cancel; otherwise, game on! In the case of snowstorms with lots of snowfall, bring your snowshoes and we'll pack the trails. 


How Far/How Long Do You Run?

Every week we have one or two 5k run groups and a 8km (ish) group. It is up to you to decide which group you want to run with. Make sure you let our volunteers know who you run with and be sure that you can run that distance in the hour.

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