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Welcome to Fredericton Trail Runners! We are an enthusiastic running club, eager to share our passion for running in the woods on singletrack.

New Brunswick is a wooded paradise. The amount of well maintained singletrack to bike and run on is staggering. Fredericton Trail Runners offer a fun, safe environment, for runners of all speeds, experience and abilities, to get together and share the trails.

Whether you are taking your first, speedy stride off the pavement, or anxious to show some people your favorite spot, the FTR urge you to come out and hit the trails with us.

On this website you can find all the information needed for where and when we run, maps, distances, trail descriptions, events around the Maritimes and whatever else piques our interests.



New for 2021!
We will have a 3k beginner trail run group for the month of June.

We run two (sometimes three) groups every week. One slower 5k, a 5-7k and one 8-12k depending on the course and conditions. The club will run for approximately one hour. Prior to hitting the trail, let one of our volunteers know which group you will be running with so you can be accounted for and off we go!

This group is meant to be a community of people who love being in the woods. Choose the group that best suits your running abilities. This is not a race and we don't intend to push anyone out of their comfort zone unless we're told to do so.

Know your limits and run within them.

For more questions, visit our FAQ page.

Beginning this November (2021), we will be introducing Sunday afternoon group "long runs". 
These runs will vary in location and distance and all information will be available in the
regular schedule with a link to specific details for carpooling and time. 

These runs will be between 10km-20km.
Please prepare to be out for a couple hours and bring any necessary water, nutrition and be sure to have warm/dry clothing for post-run. 



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